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Build a Healthier Rela​tionship With Your Credit

Ease your financial stress with help from K & A Enterprise LLC in Houston, Texas. K&A Enterprise understand that life happens and sometimes takes an unexpected turn. If your situation has affected your credit score, don’t lose hope just yet. We are here to help you improve your credit health.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of submitting too much paperwork to the Credit Bureaus and creditors. All you have to do is give me 10% of your trust, and I will gain the other 90%. Count on K&A Enterprise to repair your credit right away. Get a free quote or estimate tod​ay.


Who We Are 

K & A Enterprise LLC is committed to providing the best solutions for all your credit issues. The owner has a background in the finance and collection industry. This allows me to have a better understanding of how creditors think and how they work. What sets K&A Enterprise apart is that I am trustworthy and knowledgeable. Aside from this, K&A always work with integrity. Rest assured that with K&A, your credit is in good hands!

How Our Company Started 

Katrina Franklin started this credit repair business after speaking with family and friends who are finding themselves in between a rock and a hard place. Katrina made an effort to do something to help. After resolving the credit issues of my loved ones, I decided to assist other people and established K & A Enterprise, LLC.

Our Ultimate Aspiration 

To work closely with my clients so I can guide them throughout the credit repair process. This way, I can properly respond to their concerns, provide them with more personable services, and give them what they really need.



We care about your opinion. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers. 

Sariyah Carter

I have been working with Katrina and less than a month things started removing for my credit report she gave me tips on how to make my credit score go up and she’s doing this for the low you can’t beat that and she’s really making things happen I’m a 100% satisfied customer.

Shirley Santos

Loved the customer service! Answered every question I had I regards of the process etc. The best is the pricing 👏🏻👏🏻

Ketta Loving

These two ladies came into the building where I work, they handed out business cards, pens and bookmarks, answered all the question that we had, I signed up about 3 weeks ago, I was kind of not to sure but I did it because the prices are cheap, 79 a month and they offer weekly payments, no down payment, well I just receive a call from them telling me to go check out my score, they was able to get 3 items remove and my score didn't go up that much, it went up 29 points so I must say I made a good choice!

Sarah Williams

Let me say these two girls are wonderful, I went to the store came out and they left a business card, and a flyer on my car, now normally I just throw stuff away, but this time I didn't, I sent them a request thru there website and they gave me a call within an hour, that to me means a lot, so they ask did I want to meet them to do the consultation, I didn't want to so we went over everything on the phone, I emailed them everything they requested and yesterday they called me, I was at work so I didn't answer and totally forgot when I got home, I got to work today check my emails, I had a email from K&A Enterprise, that said go check your credit, and OMG my score went up 31 points, I refer three people to them last week and they sent me a one of there pens, bookmark and a 20.00 gift card, these girls are the truth, I know a got a far way to go, Thank you K&A, and I will send everybody your way!

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